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Food Innovation Studio is a two-unit course that enables graduate business school students (and related graduate students and professionals in diverse disciplines including food science, engineering, public health, environmental studies, law, and computer science) to identify, define and solve novel and pressing challenges and unmet needs in the broader food-system. Learners develop insights into the systemic interdepencies that impact personal health and planetary sustainability and work to conceive, test and launch high impact, market-based solutions. The course emphasizes mission-driven business designs that not only create competitive financial outcomes, but positive social and environmental impact as well. The course supports teams of learners to develop an innovation or new venture using a rapid, lean entrepreneurial process. The disciplines of human-centered design, lean-launch, rapid prototyping, business model development, venture formation and venture pitch-presentation are blended into an accelerated experiential learning program over 11 weeks. The course also attracts leading food industry leaders and entrepreneurs as guest speakers and mentors. The actual course topics and projects are originated and chosen by the student teams.

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