Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Camp Timbrel?

We are currently scouting out sites to bring you the best Camp Timbrel experience possible. Check back to find out where camp programs will take place!

How much does camp cost?

Camp cost $2350.00 for a two week session. This fee includes 3 meals a day and snacks, housing, activity and materials fees.

A $250 deposit is required to hold each camper's bunk. Register and pay your deposit here.

Since Camp Timbrel is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization no tax is charged on participant fees. Additionally, Camp Timbrel has some scholarship money available from our generous donors.

We welcome girls of all backgrounds and do not want finances to be an obstacle to attendance. Please be in touch with us regarding financial concerns or for further scholarship information (

How are campers assigned to bunks?

Campers are assigned to bunks of girls who are the same age. In the event that there are not enough girls of one age to fill a bunk, campers may be housed in a bunk with girls who are slightly older or younger.

How many staff members will be at camp?

There are two counselors assigned to every group of fourteen campers. In addition our director, program specialists, and camp nurse are onsite 24/7. All staff members are 21 or over, have lots of experience working with young people, and are cpr and/or lifeguard certified.

What is the food like?

Delicious! Meals and snacks are vegetarian and include dairy products and eggs. Our kitchen staff is happy to prepare food that meets the needs of those with additional dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free. Meals include a nice balance of protein, vegetables and fruits, and starches and include such camper favorites as mac & cheese.

What are the facilities like?

Camp Timbrel is currently scouting out sites that will meet our needs. We are looking at sites with cabins or dormitories, with spaces for hiking and outdoor exploration. Camp Timbrel will also be housed at a site that includes a pool or lake for swimming and an appropriate indoor space for various workshops.

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