What is

Camp Timbrel?

Camp Timbrel is a one of a kind, unforgettable, Jewish experience. Girls from all over come together for a truly spectacular journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation learning skills and values that will empower them to succeed beyond the bounds of the Camp Timbrel family. 

The name for Camp Timbrel is derived from Miriam in the Bible. After the Israelites left Egypt and crossed the sea, Miriam (Moses' sister and a prophet in her own right) led the women in joyous and celebratory singing and dancing. Her instrument was a tambourine, or timbrel. A timbrel has come to represent women and the power that women have to lead the world.


Why Only Girls?

We believe that when Girls are provided a environment where they can be one hundred percent themselves, they flourish. We believe that when Girls flourish they  understand themselves to be holy, divine, created in God's image and deeply valued for their own unique talents and gifts.


And when this happens, when girls have experienced a positive social connection with their peers, when they have experienced an authentic and personal exploration adventure, when they have lived in an empowering community environment, they take the lessons they have learned about themselves and others into any situation in which they find themselves. 

We believe that when Girls are allowed to be fully themselves, they change the world. 



Why Now?


Girls will benefit from being in an all-girl environment. Girls will benefit from learning consensus decision-making, team building , problem-solving, independent thinking.


In our world that is so dominated by pressure to conform, where women are still paid less than men, where men think its ok to objectify women, girls will benefit from being unapologetically themselves. They will live in an environment that is specifically designed to teach them their own inherent value is as a person created in God’s image, who is a co-creator of her reality, who is needed and valued for who she is, who knows that she is capable of making the world a better place for everyone through her own unique talents and gifts.


As far as we know, there is only one Jewish camp that focuses on this exclusively. Though many Jewish camps do focus on self-esteem and self-worth, except for one, none are focused on girls.




Our Founders and Director


Working at camps around the country, Rabbi Rachel Brown and Hannah Henza came to Camp Timbrel from different but equally impactful backgrounds. Their combined vision for an all-girls empowerment camp, where each woman is valued for their unique talents and contributions has woven together to create the first egalitarian, all-girls, Jewish, summer camp in the Southeastern United States. 



Executive Director and Visionary Founder

Rabbi Rachel Brown is an adventurer whose route to founding Camp Timbrel began long ago. While spending most summers of her life at Jewish summer camp – as a camper, counselor, woodworking specialist, art director, and Jewish program director – Rabbi Rachel noticed that there are few options for non-Orthodox Jewish girls who want to go to a girls-only Jewish summer camp. Thus her summer-camp-founding dream was born: to create a Jewish summer camp where girls can go to spend their summer living together, playing together, and being authentically themselves without the dynamics that the presence of boys brings.


Rabbi Rachel was ordained by the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at American Jewish University in Los Angeles. She lives in Beachwood, OH with her husband Rabbi Michael Ross and their son Gabriel.


Prior to rabbinical school, Rabbi Rachel’s path has included attaining a BS in Architecture, apprenticing as a carpenter and traveling the Pacific Northwest by bicycle, with detours along the way to basic training in the Israeli army and living in Jerusalem for two years.  She also holds a motorcycle driver’s license and a private pilot’s license.

Visionary Founder

Hannah Henza is an outdoor enthusiast dedicated to the impact summer camping can have on the development of a person's life path. Outside of Camp Timbrel Hannah works with Jewish Outdoor Food Farming and Environmental Education (JOFEE) programs training Jewish educators around the country to share Earth-based traditions and interpretations of Jewish wisdom. Prior to beginning her career as a nonprofit project manager Hannah spent many summers working as a camp counselor and curriculum developer. Shaped by her experiences at all-girls summer camps and in Girl Scouting, she passionately lead all-girls summer programs while in college and is ecstatic to bring this passion back to life with Camp Timbrel.


Hannah holds a B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Religious Studies from North Carolina State University. She is projected to complete a M.S. in Nonprofit Studies with a Jewish Studies Certificate in Fall 2018. Additionally, Hannah is a certified Yoga Instructor (200hr) and certified belay/rock climbing guide. 

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