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At the beginning of each session, guided by their counselors, bunks use a  consensus decision-making process to sign up for specific activities.  In this way, campers plan bunk activities that are a balance between trying new things and sharing what they love to do. 

7:00 AM

Rise and Shine (boker tov)!

7:30 AM

Blessing the Day/Birchot Ha'yom: Each day begins with some sort of contemplative practice, whether mindfulness meditation, creative Jewish prayer, or traditional Jewish prayer.

8:00 AM

Breakfast (aruchat boker): Enjoy a hot, tasty meal to begin your day!

9:15 AM

Bunk Activities (pe'ulot tzrif): As a bunk, campers participate in a variety of activities including, kickball, basketball, or soccer; nature walks and hikes; Israeli folkdancing; yoga; arts & crafts; drama.

12:00 PM

Lunch (aruchat tzohorayim): Meals at Camp Timbrel are always fresh, delicious, and healthy.

1:00 PM 

Rest Time (menucha): Rest, write letters, play quiet games with bunkmates.

2:00 PM 

All Camp Workshops (sadna'ot):  campers explore something related to the Jewish theme of the day, girls empowerment, or both.


3:30 PM 

(more) Bunk Activities (pe'ulot tzrif): Afternoon bunk activities are quieter during the heat of the afternoon and may include storytelling and smoothie-making, along with favorites such as arts & crafts,  and nature walks.

4:30 PM 

Free time at the pool or lake (hofshi) or electives (behirot): campers are free to relax in the pool, swim a few laps, play a game of water polo, take out a canoe, or hang out by the pool or lake and read a book or talk.  For electives (behirot), campers are free to explore activities at camp individually - go to arts & crafts and work on a project; join a session of drama games; play a game of pick-up basketball.

6:00 PM 

Dinner (aruchat erev): Campers will never go hungry at Camp Timbrel. The chef and kitchen staff at the Summit Center is able to create plenty of alternatives to accommodate most special dietary needs.

7:30 PM 

Evening Activity (pe'ulat erev): play all-camp games; tell stories and sing songs around the campfire; gaze at the stars; go on a night-hike.

9:00 PM

Bunk Time (z'man tzrif): At the end of the day campers check in with friends and with their counselors as they recount their favorite parts of the day and look forward to tomorrow.

9:30 PM

Sweet Dreams (laila tov)! Sleep well before another exciting day!



Shabbat is a special part of the week. On Friday night, we welcome Shabbat by lighting candles, enjoying Shabbat dinner, and then participating in a Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday evening) service created by campers. 

After sleeping in on Saturday morning, campers participate in Shabbat services followed by an all-camp activity and a festive lunch.

In the afternoon, everyone gathers together to relax, swim, play sports, read, and hang out with friends, before joining together for dinner.

After dinner we have either a talent show or open-mike coffee house folllowed by a moving havdalah service (the ceremony that separates Shabbat from the rest of the week).

Shabbat at Camp Timbrel is truly a day of rest, a taste of the Garden of Eden.